Amin Hasbini

Amin Hasbini

Head of Research Center, ME



Dr. Mohamad Amin Hasbini joined Kaspersky in 2013 as a Senior Security Researcher in the Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT). He is now head of the same research center for the META region. Amin is responsible for Kaspersky’s expert positioning, research expansion, and knowledge maturity in four regional offices. He has a PHD in smart cities information security from the Brunel University in London.Prior to joining Kaspersky, Amin was a senior consultant at Deloitte and Touche Middle East. Before that, he worked as a senior security Engineer at DataConsult in Lebanon.

Dr. Hasbini worked on numerous large-scale defensive infrastructure deployments, industrial and consulting projects for government entities, banks, service providers, oil and gas companies, and others. He has also taught security courses in forensics, malware analysis and ethical hacking.

Amin is specialized in wide-scale cyber-defense and anti-APT tools and techniques. He has written a number of publications on advanced malware operations and smart cities security, presented at more than 100 conferences worldwide and received numerous accolades.

Speech Topic & Synopses
The evolution of criminal gangs and advanced attackers in the Middle East and Saudi, a scary outlook.

The digital world is more coupled to the physical one and more influenced by it than ever before. The Middle East has proven to be one of the fastest transforming regions around the world and one of the most challenging for cyber authorities and decision makers, due to both appealing geopolitics and significant financials; and attackers will continue to make this region one of the most threatened globally.  In this session we will dive into the recent cyber threat landscape, describing the new tactics utilized by both advanced (APT) and criminal attack groups in the region, their top targets and interests, and how they are adapting to regional changes to spread espionage, robberies and destruction.

company overview

Kaspersky operates on 6 continents and in 200 countries and territories worldwide. We currently employ more than 4,000 highly qualified professionals, more than a third of whom are research and development specialists.

As a privately held company, rather than facing constant pressure to deliver shareholder value, we can devote a high proportion of our resources to anticipating cyberthreats, and developing ever more advanced products, solutions and services to combat these. Our solutions are the most tested and most awarded in independent tests and reviews.

Our unique team of security experts are at the forefront of protecting people around the world from the most sophisticated and dangerous cyberthreats. This expertise enriches our state-of-the-art protection technologies, making their quality unsurpassed. We believe in a tomorrow where technology improves all of our lives. Which is why we secure it, so everyone everywhere has access to the endless opportunities it brings.