Dave Barnett

Head of SASE



Dave Barnett has worked in the cloud security space for over ten years; previously he was a director of strategy at another leading vendor where he co-authored PAS555 (the first nationally certified cyber security standard) and collaborated with academia on a number of important research papers. In Dave’s current role he leads the business strategy team for Cloudflare’s EMEA SASE and email security portfolio.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Secure your future: Internet-native architecture helps you transform your business faster

Digital transformation means a lot of different things to different businesses however, it is best thought of as a combination of: A cultural shift in the way that employees work, a reinvention of your go to market model and changes in the way that your customers wish to interact with your business. IT has often been seen as a necessary component in the past however rarely has it been seen as a catalyst for change.


Living in an ever more online first world we have been presented with a major opportunity for positive change; with applications increasingly moving to the cloud, companies re-evaluating where are their teams based and whether or not they will work in offices, 5G and the rise of the importance of privacy, it has all pushed companies to look into adopting a more efficient and simplified, secure zero trust model.


When it comes to connecting and securing your organization, today’s vision is tomorrow’s legacy. This means the biggest risk is committing to an approach that locks you out of your own future, it’s time for change. What you need is highly effective security that delivers a direct path to your next destination via an Internet-native architecture that delivers a rapid pace of innovation.


Join this vendor-agnostic session to learn about:

  • How the move to an always on, cloud first platform can cause a cultural shift in your business enabled by the advantages of a modern zero trust approach, architected for where your business is growing not just where it came from.
  • How shifting your network and security infrastructure to the cloud and consolidating it into one composable services platform can give you a major competitive advantage.
  • How to adopt everything you need today and tomorrow to secure your business as a service so you can operate it easily, at your own pace, at lower cost, and with relentless innovation to help you change faster.
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