Elias Samarani

Senior Systems Engineer, Middle East



Elias Samarani is a Senior Systems Engineer for the Middle East at Proofpoint, where he leads a team and advises organisations across the region on people-centric cybersecurity strategies.


He has more than 15 years of experience in the security industry, having previously worked at Forcepoint and held network security roles at a number of organizations.


His passion for technology and cybersecurity equip him with the skills necessary to quickly assess the most complex environments and develop strategic people-centric security solutions. He also arms businesses with the ability to build security strategies that scale for the future in terms of reliability, growth, performance and productivity.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform; Protect your People and Prevent Advance threats

The threat landscape has fundamentally shifted as attacks have been targeting people, not infrastructure. Proofpoint, walks us through modern threat landscape, the anatomy of an attack, and discuss how with Proofpoint threat protection platform organization can prevent advance threats from entering the environment and how the platform protect the people.

company overview

Proofpoint, Inc. is a leading cybersecurity and compliance company that protects organisations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint helps companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organisations of all sizes, including 75 percent of the Fortune 100, rely on Proofpoint for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web. More information is available at https://www.proofpoint.com/uk.