Giuseppe Brizio




Giuseppe Brizio is a seasoned business operations executive with significant transformation experience including, delivering a ISO27001 certified Security & Compliance Governance Framework to FMCG companies and ensuring reduction of risk exposure to financial and reputational damage.​ Giuseppe joined Qualys on July 1, 2020 as Chief Information Security Officer EMEA. He previously worked at Nestlé (Food & Beverage world leader) in executive leadership roles in various Business areas (e.g. Information Systems, Security and Compliance, Business Services, Supply Chain, Mergers and Acquisitions etc.). Giuseppe’s Business Technology knowledge and experience contributes to further develop Qualys leadership position and strengthen its sustainable and profitable growth. Giuseppe main responsibilities at Qualys are (a) to support account management in developing customer relationship (b) to elevate customer engagement at strategic level and (c) to evangelize Qualys vision and strategy at conferences, seminars and forums. The values which best define Giuseppe’s leadership and management style, are: excellence, innovation, customer success and teamwork. His preferred guiding principle is “alone you go faster but together you go farther!”.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Cyber Risk is a Business Risk… Risk Mitigation is a Must!

As an organization’s digital footprint grows rapidly so does its attack surface and risk. If you fail to prioritize the most tempting vulnerabilities, attackers will prioritize them for you. Attacks will follow. Prioritizing vulnerabilities based on real risks can be a heavy task, requiring an in-depth understanding of targeted assets, their vulnerabilities, and associated threats. Business and security context can help organizations clearly understand their risk, and then act by efficiently balancing their resources, processes, and technology. This keynote will describe a new integrated approach which will help organizations: Discover assets and mitigate related risks by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities based on the organization’s risk profile and ensuring the most effective and fastest time to remediate.

company overview

Qualys helps organizations streamline and automate their security and compliance solutions onto a single platform for greater agility, better business outcomes, and substantial cost savings.