Kalpesh Pusalkar

Technical Lead



Kalpesh is the Technical Lead at ARCON where he looks after RnD and product development for ARCON EPM.

He holds 13+ years of experience in designing & development of innovative, cross platform & scalable applications.

Prior to ARCON, Kalpesh has been an entrepreneur where he has worked on building products across multiple domains like ERP, HRMS, Aviation, etc.

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Data Intellect A risk oriented view to your data
company overview

ARCON is a leading Information Technology company specialized in providing Risk Control (both risk predictive and preventive) solutions. ARCON believes in ceaseless technological innovations to mitigate the current and emerging IT security threats that can wreak havoc on organizations of all sizes, from various industries and from multiple geographies. These industries include BFSI, Telecom, Government, Healthcare, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Hospitality, Entertainment, et al.


As the number of interconnected devices and IoT (Internet of Things) is increasing drastically, the overall digitization scenario is revolutionizing the world of technology. With this, the business operations are moving towards advanced automation where greater risks are emanating from threats that are now embedded within those technologies. In addition, various interfaces are vulnerable to malicious attacks.


In order to combat these complex and advanced risks, ARCON has developed its next-generation risk control solutions that can work seamlessly in any IT environment.


ARCON believes in the vision to PREDICT | PROTECT | PREVENT. ARCON nurtures a mission to create a stack of enterprise-class products that can provide a robust IT security risk control framework that can work not only at the device level but also across applications and business processes. Thanks to the R&D team, the company has already launched a set of products that have their individual functional objectives.


To further emphasize, during the era when the entire world is talking about the Zero Trust security framework, ARCON solutions help the IT administrators to set up a robust IT security architecture and stay resilient against sophisticated IT threats.


ARCON’s product portfolio:


  • ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)
  • ARCON | Secure Compliance Management (SCM)
  • ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM)
  • ARCON | Privileged Access Management – SaaS