Mohamad Yakzan

Mohamad Yakzan

Regional Director - Leading Growth in The Middle East & Africa



Driven by passion for the digital world, a Professional with demonstrable international experience within diverse Industries. My career journey began from Lebanon to Europe working in Top German companies then moving to the Middle East after 19 years of combining Entrepreneurial and Change Agent DNA to exceed business expectations.


My roles in the Information Technology extended over multiple leadership functions sales & people management, building strategic partnerships, developing channel ecosystems, and applying modern marketing strategies across various regions.


Today, I am leading BLUECAT in the Middle East and Africa with a proven track record in building, developing, leading, and increasing growth through strong vision, relentless focus on creating real customer success stories within a very competitive pace environment of new markets.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Resilient Connections: The need for Tomorrow’s DNS Solutions to better Identify, Control & Automate.

The growth in the number and type of new devices connecting to the network has exposed holes in typical legacy enterprise security and former DDI solutions. DNS is the starting point for connectivity and is used by all devices to connect to applications and sites.


DNS data underpins everything in any business network — that’s why the majority of cyberattacks use DNS as a point of entry. When DNS data is spread across disparate systems, it’s extremely difficult to comb it for threats, and ensure compliance across your network.


In addition, highly complex hybrid environments (i.e today’s enterprise environments) are too much for old-school DNS to handle. With an old-school DNS, your NetOps team is stuck in the slow lane: making error-prone manual network changes, unable to serve DevOps, unable to innovate or to build a strategy of resilient network to protect your data and brand reputation.


BLUECAT is the leader in Today’s modern DDI (DNS/DHCP/IP) management and DNS Security Solutions.

We have an advanced new vision on how to provide deep insight, enhance visibility and provide granular control of network infrastructures with simplified and innovative user and cost friendly solutions.


With our presentation, the audience will learn how Adaptive DNS will help to turn their biggest threat vector into a first line of strong defense building on a modern product that is already disrupting the legacy technologies fulfilling the today’s needs of a continuously evolving cybersecurity environment.