Nada Azzam

System Engineer



Nada Azzam is a system engineer at Cyberx, with three years of experience in cybersecurity awareness in addition to that, she has hands-on experience in IT . she is handling multiple verticals in Saudi Arabia including government entities, banking and financial companies, and the health sector in KSA. Based on the client’s needs, and the assessment across different portfolios, she proposed solutions that fit the client’s environment Over her previous and current roles, she has been able to build a comprehensive knowledge of the cybersecurity awareness program She has gained extensive knowledge and has specialized in developing and creating the appropriate awareness training program for her clients.

Speech Topic & Synopses
How to automate security policy to accelerate organizing regulatory controls

Companies must implement effective policies, processes, and controls to address new business issues while still complying with legislative and regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures must be available, up-to-date, properly articulated, and auditable for compliance reporting in today’s litigious world. Organizations must track agreement to each policy in order to prove compliance and exhibit strong governance. Policy Management System allows organizations to manage the complete policy Management life-cycle, guaranteeing the top levels of policy compliance and risk protection for your company and employees

company overview

CyberX is an online platform dedicated to raising cyber awareness in Arabic

Our mission is to grow social and professional digital knowledge through a set of services, namely awareness campaigns, training platform and skills development in cybersecurity, in addition to several solutions provided by CyberX such as PHISHX integrated phishing

software to test the cyber-packability of businesses and employees, LMSX learning management system software. Policyx the company’s management system and dissemination by creating and updating them easily .

Riyadh , Saudi Arabia