Sajjad Kirmani

Sajjad Kirmani

Co-Founder & CEO



Sajjad has over 30 years of experience in cyber security & digital transformation. He is the Co-Founder of PhishRod which has emerged as the leading cyber security awareness & automated phishing incident platform. He also served as a board member & Executive Director for NetSol Technologies Inc, Atheeb NetSol, INFOGISTIC & CloudClinik.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Transforming End user Behavior through Security Awareness & Automated Phishing Incident Response

Organizations implement technology controls such as IPS, Firewalls & Email Gateways to secure critical information. Hackers on the other hand target vulnerable end user behavior and use phishing emails as a prime source to deliver malware or to steal confidential data. Its proven fact that technology cannot guarantee a “Phish Free” environment hence it is important to transform end user behavior. In this session, PhsihRod will explain why end users are the target, how to build an awareness program and how to empower end users to report suspicious emails for automated phishing incident response.