Yousof Radi

Cybersecurity Director



A visionary and strategic technology leader, managing an information technology Security Team with 20 years of experience background in various management positions such as leading middleware support and operating system teams. Previous experiences preceded it in developing and programming. In addition to executing many successful critical projects and attended lots of advanced technical events and training and obtained two MSc degrees in Computer Science EMBAs and MCs.

Cybersecurity; Cloud; Infrastructure; Virtualization; Middleware; Disaster Recovery; IT Service Management

  • Expert at launching technology programs that safeguard data, streamline operations, drive innovation, and advance business strategy.
  • Proficient in the design, development, and administration of Virtualization technology and server infrastructure solutions and delivery of Operating systems and virtualization support.
  • Skilled in design & implementation of business continuity strategies, analysis of infrastructure as per DR requirements, and handling of capacity, change, incident, and problem management.
  • Multi-tasking talents in communication, interpersonal, negotiation, critical thinking and problem solving, relationship management, team building, and leadership capabilities.
  • Building support team Self-Confidence, experience, logical thinking and communication department goals, and structuring a brainstorming session.
Speech Topic & Synopses
Panel Session: Cyber Warfare And The Impact On Critical Infrastructure