Ziad Naboulsi

Managing Partner



Ziad Naboulsi is the Managing Partner and leads the vision for the company.


Ziad holds a BSc. In Electrical and Electronics Engineering with more than 20 years of experience specializing in Oil&Gas, Critical infrastructure Telecom, and OT Cyber Security integration projects. He is currently working on expanding the company’s OT cyber security practice to cover the middle east region.


With more than 400 projects delivered, Ziad is dedicated to assisting clients in critical infrastructure and other sectors by identifying the most effective and optimal solutions to protect their operations and assets by leveraging technologies for added value with consultancy, sharing the gained knowledge in blogs, and webinars, and participating in conferences.


He is committed through more than 8000 hours of testing in one of the first OT cyber security live labs in the region to enhance businesses to achieve industry and business goals to match our client’s requirements and needs through the development of high-end and best-fit technical solutions with a variety of services to protect their operations and assets.


After two decades Ziad remained at the fore and Advanced Technical Solutions expanded, he made powerful partnerships by achieving the highest level of partnership with leading companies in the industry such as Cisco IoT advantage specialized partner and Fortinet OT specialized partner.

Speech Topic & Synopses
Securing Industrial Networks

Title: Introduction to OT Security

OT Security and digitization challenges and how it impact the future of process operations.

company overview

ATS is a universe that fuses together innovative technology, products and services – all combined in a harmonious synergy that aims to enhance any organization or business aiming for top-notch performance and efficiency in today’s modern age.

ATS protects and maintains assets, at the same time improving companies to make them reach success in the industry and business goals with developed high-end technical solutions. We work across multiple industry sectors and we curate telecom solutions, further enhance them, and apply modern updates that are best fit for the energy, defence and government sectors.

ATS provides the essential telecom and cyber security solutions that are vital for any company to stay ahead of the industry and the changing times. From system integration, engineering and design, installation and commission, all the way to maintenance and consultancy services – ATS continues to be one of the most trusted experts, backed up with over 18 years of experience and more than 400 projects delivered along the way.


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Website: https://ats.ae/

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