Abdulelah Aljammaz

Consulting Sales Engineer

Mandiant | Google Cloud

topic name & Synopsis

Be Proactive with Exposure Management

The Enterprise world is rapidly expanding its digital footprint which is creating new attack surfaces for adversaries. As we see every day, attackers are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate organizations by continuously sweeping and scanning to find a gate or vulnerability  where they can  access systems to gain initial compromise.

Join this session where we will discuss vulnerability management focusing on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities and exposure management. We will run through tools and services that allow organizations to access all enterprise assets, digital risk and security posture to continuously evaluate response prioritization and risk mitigation strategies.

This session will focus on how exposures are crucial in this dynamically changing cybersecurity world, along with answering why it is important to know about the exposures before your adversaries do and how to effectively and proactively reduce them before they act on them.

  • Know what’s exposed
  • Know who’s targeting you
  • Know if you’re prepared to handle an attack
  • Know if you’re being attacked right now

Abdulelah Aljammaz is a Mandiant consulting cyber security engineer in Saudi Arabia. He is an information security professional with 10+ years of experience working in organizations in different sectors and with cyber security services providers. Abdulelah is a subject matter expert in areas of security operations, technologies and services, as he helps organizations build and operate cybersecurity operations centers, and enhance organizations’ overall cybersecurity resilience capabilities.