Abdullah Alahmade

Chief Information Security Officer

Tamweel Aloula

topic name & Synopsis

Risk Assessment for selecting a cloud service provider

Cloud risk assessment is important because it helps to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in cloud service providers. It ensures data security and helps prevent data breaches, I will provide effective recommended controls to avoid threats that badly impact the business strategy and cause high costs for the organization and these controls will ensure fulfillment of the regulation requirements for the cloud and data security.


Cyber Security expert for more than 14 years in many sectors but mostly in financial sector. He is currently working as a CISO /BCM Director and acting Head of DATA Management at Tamweel Aloula. He is driving the cybersecurity to achieve its business and digital transformation objectives , he is working closely with IT team to build sustainable, well architected infrastructure to obtain secured applications/ infrastructure on premise or on cloud.  He is  a Chairman of SAMA Cybersecurity and Business Continuity committee for financial companies.