Abdulmohsen Almuqati

Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response Consultant


topic name & Synopsis

Navigating the Shadows: APT Intrusions Unveiled

Discover the intricate world of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups in the talk.  Delve into the motives and objectives that drive APT groups’ actions, uncover the valuable information they relentlessly pursue, and explore the grave risks these activities pose to modern businesses. With expert insights and real-world case studies, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of APT strategies, their targets, and the defense mechanisms essential for safeguarding your organization’s digital landscape.


Abdulmohsen Almuqati is a Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response Consultant at Group-IB. He joined Group-IB’s Digital Forensics Laboratory in Saudi Arabia as Digital Forensics and Incident Response Consultant in 2022, since that time he has driven numerous consulting projects and helped companies to establish effective cybersecurity defense mechanisms, and provided organizations with valuable digital forensics and incident response assistance. Abdulmohsen finished De Montfort University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Forensics Computing (2017). Abdulmohsen has a wide experience in cybersecurity as he started his career journey as security analyst, passed multiple certifications and trainings.