Ahmad Abou Zaher

Senior Solutions Engineer


topic name & Synopsis

Redefining Security for the New Digital Era

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and impact, as network and security perimeters expand with new devices and cloud workloads applications. Security Threats targeting enterprises’ data, assets, applications and users are escalating due to a number of factors: increased connectivity with outside vendors/providers; the growing number of network-enabled devices; the increasing number of human/device connections; and the enhanced coordination, sophistication and professionalization of security attacks. Cloudflare helps organizations to take easy and actionable steps to safeguard network infrastructure against layer 3/4/7 DDoS attacks, secure your devices, networks, and internal applications, and protect web applications from attacks including denial-of-service, malicious bots, and critical vulnerabilities – the OWASP top 10 and zero-day attacks


Ahmad brings more than 15 years of pre-sales experience and a passion for technology and cyber-security with a unique combination of artistic sales talent and technical expertise. With extensive customers’ engagement around the Middle East region across different industries and verticals, Ahmad acquired a deeper and thorough understanding of positioning solutions, demonstrating the technical values, and elaborating the problems addressed. Ahmad Completed the Masters of Engineering in Telecommunications (MET) program at the University of Toronto, Canada. Ahmad also holds a Bachelors of Engineering (BE) with distinction from the American University of Beirut. In addition to his major in computer and communications engineering; he also has a minor in Business Administration. Therefore, Ahmad is not solely a technical person as he has a combined technological and business understanding of the engineering profession.