Aiman Alghamdi

Cyber security GRC Manager


topic name & Synopsis

Strategic Cyber GRC in Digitalization


“Building robust Cybersecurity program require strategic, managerial, and technical understanding of the cybersecurity capabilities with consideration of the corporate vision, mission, and objectives. An essential part of the successful cybersecurity program is the insurance of the alignment with corporate strategy and objectives. Nowadays, with the economic growth and corporates expansion, companies start relying more on the digitalization to support the business and accelerate the growth. Relying on digitalization including automation and the use of Artificial intelligence will boost the efficiency from one side; but it will create a possible gap from the other side – cybersecurity risk and compliance. Having a dynamic cybersecurity program that is built based on the business needs with adoption of the up-to-date technology trends will minimize the compliance challenges. There are some considerations will contribute as success factors to facilitate overcoming those gaps.


  • Adequate measurements of the cybersecurity program
  • Key Stakeholders involvement
  • The right communication and education
  • Data and value driven instead of compliance driven
  • Compliance, Security, and Productivity balance.”

Aiman Al-Ghamdi – Manager Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance at Ma’aden. 9 years total of cybersecurity experience in management as well as in cybersecurity diverse domains from operational and architectural to governance and compliance. Worked in both public and private sectors. qualified with Master in Information Security & Assurance equipped with professional certificates in the field. Working to maximize the value of cybersecurity programs while minimizing the cost and the implications by applying standards and best practices to reach highest level of optimization and cybersecurity efficiency within the corporate. Member of Ma’aden Cybersecurity Steering Committee and member of Ma’aden architecture board.