Alexandros Kaniklides

Manager, IthacaLabs


topic name & Synopsis

Stepping Beyond Tradition: Leveraging Deception Technology to Combat Destructive Threats.

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, old tactics fall short against modern threats. Enter “Detection by Deception,” a game-changing approach. By strategically planting misinformation and decoy assets, we turn the tables on attackers, gaining insights into their strategies. Stay one step ahead of threat actors, even when they believe they’re in control.



Alexandros holds an MSc in the area of the Security Technologies & Applications, and leads the IthacaLabs™ Cybersecurity Team. With over ten years of experience in the field, Alexandros specializes in analyzing new attack methods used by cybercriminals, and provides consultation to Odyssey’s customers. His research and analysis methodology is instrumental as it streamlines multiple Threat Intelligence sources to evaluate risk and provide countermeasures to emerging cyber-threats. Furthermore, Alexandros has led Offensive (Red Team) and Defensive (Blue Team) teams, and has engaged in multiple cybersecurity Incidents to assist organizations in detecting and responding to advanced cyber-threats targeting several industries.