Amr Ahmed

Senior Sales Engineer, META


topic name & Synopsis

Tightening your Security Operations with Asset Discovery and Firewall Policy Management.

Networks have exploded in size and show no sign of slowing down. With networks now consisting of on-prem, Cloud, IOT and OT, the real challenge is understanding exactly what is on your network, and in real-time. Join our technical workshop where FireMon will show you how to strengthen your existing security operations with complete network visibility. We will also explore how you can improve the performance of your firewall policy management processes with automation whilst remaining compliant.

In this session, FireMon’s Senior Sales Engineer, Amr Ahmed, will showcase:

·        100% network discovery and visibility across a hybrid environment.

·        Managing a multi-vendor firewall estate from one single console.

·        Achieving and maintaining compliance – how to stay ahead of security policy violations.

·        Scaling effectively: how automating security policies frees up resources and allows you to scale.


Amr Ahmed, Senior Sales Engineer, FireMon Amr Ahmed is Senior Sales Engineer, META for FireMon. Within this role, Amr is responsible for leading FireMon’s projects across the region, which sees him work closely with customers to understand their business drivers and ensure the delivery of effective, business-focused solutions. Amr has over 14 years of experience working with customers from across all sectors, designing and maintaining comprehensive and innovative security programs to enhance security posture and reduce cyber security risk across the Middle East and Africa.