Anatolii Tykushin

Director of Group-IB services

Group-IB services

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Embracing Tomorrow: The Imperative of Recognizing Future Trends Today

In this condensed 20-minute talk, we will leap into 2026-2027, focusing on evolving cybersecurity trends. We will explore the rise of continuous threat exposure management, transformations in security operations, and the shift towards a human-centric approach to cybersecurity. With concrete examples, we will illustrate the ongoing evolution of today’s services and discuss how organizations can anticipate and adapt to future changes. Let’s together understand and embrace the cybersecurity trends of tomorrow, today.


Anatoly Tykushin is the Director of Group-IB Services since 2023. He has held the post of the head of Group-IB’s Digital Forensics Laboratory at the company’s Middle East and Africa headquarters since 2021, after beginning his career as a Digital Forensics Analyst at Group-IB in 2018. During this time, he has led numerous projects and helped companies respond to cyber attacks across the globe. Anatoly holds a Master’s degree in Secure Systems and Network Engineering, and continually conducts research on the latest trends in cybercrime, digital forensics, offensive technologies, and other core disciplines. Anatoly is not only an expert in Digital Forensics and Incident Response. He can provide a 360-degree perspective on how businesses can secure themselves and leverage the full scope of cybersecurity’s capabilities. He also serves as a key instructor at Group-IB’s Education Center in Dubai, UAE.