Avinash Advani

Founder & CEO

CyberKnight Technologies

topic name & Synopsis

Securing Industrial Control Systems In The Age Of IoT And Remote Work

As industries embrace the transformative potential of IoT and adapt to the growing trend of remote work, they face unprecedented opportunities and formidable challenges. Industrial control systems (ICS) are the linchpin of critical infrastructure sectors, ensuring the smooth operation of power grids, transportation networks, manufacturing processes, and more. However, with IoT devices and remote work integration, new possibilities emerge, marked by enhanced efficiency, connectivity, and accessibility, but also significant risks. The convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) and the complexity of interconnected systems expand the attack surface for cyber threats. In this era of heightened interconnectivity, traditional security paradigms must adapt. Our expert panelists will illuminate this topic’s complexity, exploring strategies, technologies, and best practices for safeguarding industrial control systems while preserving operational integrity and resilience. Join this thought-provoking exchange of ideas to contribute to a safer, more secure future in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


Avinash is passionately customer focused, with a track record of profitable growth and strategic business development within the IT security, cloud, IoT, datacenter, analytics, networking and mobile spaces. He has 20 years of progressive experience providing technology, strategic and operational leadership in the US, EMEA and South Asia. Avinash is dynamic and results-oriented with a track record of performance in managing multi-cultural and cross-functional teams.