Ayman Alfadhel

VP of Cybersecurity Sector


topic name & Synopsis

Cybersecurity in our everyday lives

In today’s digital world, we heavily rely on the internet and technology, using IoT, smart homes, cars, and other devices connected to the internet. We share personal information through these gadgets, making it crucial to protect ourselves, our homes, our families, and our organizations from misuse. Ayman will share valuable insights on how to achieve this.


ICT and Cybersecurity Professional with more than 17 Years of experience, design developed, and implemented Cybersecurity that led to the organization being distinguished as one of the best Companies in Cybersecurity. Experiences of Working for international Corporates, Defense and aerospace, and telecoms Building full cybersecurity function, people, and processes, building  with the team many Cybersecurity services as part of the company portfolio, Conducting multiple training programs to train and hire more than 250 Saudi talent. Ayman is the VP of the Cybersecurity Sector at Salam Telecom operator, a Sectoral Committee member for Cybersecurity in the Telecommunications Sector, and a member of the information security association.