Damian Miller



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Self-Driving SOC: Should we speed up or slow down?

AI has rapidly shifted from the next big thing to being deeply integrated into nearly every aspect of our operations.

The promise of self-driving security operations has yet to be fully realized and some say it’s a myth.

However, the demand for autonomous security solutions has never been higher and AI is still in the early stages of learning when it comes to security.

Join me to review some of the lessons learned along the way, the trade-offs, and strategies to consider

in deciding: should we speed up or slow down?


Damian presently serves as CSO and board member for SIRP, a disruptive risk-based SOAR platform, where he provides strategic guidance to industry leaders looking to solve some of their most pressing security challenges with automation.

He also serves as a strategic advisor and board member for RedSense as well as Good Code. RedSense helps companies defend against some of the most sophisticated cyber attacks by providing modern intelligence services, adversary space interaction & monitoring. GoodCode helps cybersecurity companies design and build beautiful products, working with some of the most disruptive and game changing security products on the planet.

Before SIRP, he helped co-found CRFT, a low-code cloud security automation platform, and later led the strategic acquisition to FlashPoint, a leading cyber threat intelligence platform. Prior to CRFT, Damian was the co-founder of JASK and the co-creator of the first cloud autonomous security operations center platform (ASOC) leveraging early stage AI and Machine Learning.

Mr. Miller has held key leadership roles as an executive, board member, and advisor at some of the most innovative and disruptive technology startups in the space. He enjoys