Fatih Okumus

SE Lead Middle East

A10 Networks inc.

topic name & Synopsis

Secure Application Delivery and Access

In a world driven by digital applications, ensuring secure access and delivery has become paramount.  This session highlights the pivotal role of SSL Visibility systems, DDoS mitigation, and Next Generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) technologies in safeguarding these crucial aspects of shifting security paradigms.


Fatih joined A10 in Q1 2018. He covered Turkey till 2021 and currently covering the Middle East region as a Senior Consultant. Over 18 years of expertise in the IT security industry, he played various roles. He held management roles in Finance IT, Security architecture roles in Service Provider and Finance, technology expert role in a system integrator company. He played key roles to build a new bank from scratch and modernizing old banking infrastructures. He holds a BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration.