Gautam Singh Deo

Director of Strategic Business Engagements


topic name & Synopsis

Ditch-Siloed Identity & Access Management: Convergence, a must for Identity Threat Detection & Response!

An increase in the types of digital identities, coupled with multi-cloud adoption, has added complexity to managing identities and privileges. How does one get future-ready, to address these new-age challenges? An Identity-centric security strategy centers on effective governance with zero trust, that simplifies and unifies critical aspects of Access Management (AM), Identity Governance Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). Join us to explore the benefits of a Converged Identity security approach that is outcome-driven, and looks to ditch the silos of key IAM components.
Gautam is the Director of Strategic Business Engagements at ARCON, where he drives some of the key strategic initiatives for the firm across geographies. With 17+ years of experience spanning roles in Strategy Consulting, Customer Success, and nurturing new lines of business, Gautam has spent close to a decade working with ‘Big 4’ Consulting firms and the rest of his career with innovative software product companies.