George Merhej

Manager, Systems Engineering, MENA


topic name & Synopsis

Optimize your Security Data & Tools with Data Pipelines

Join Cribl for a technical workshop on getting more value from your security tools and data, while lowering infrastructure and operational costs.

As security data grows in volume and complexity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it effectively. Security and IT teams face a multitude of challenges across various areas such as SIEM, APM, log management, and BI. These challenges include dealing with the immense volume and velocity of data, managing data silos, ensuring data quality and integrity, and complying with regulations.

To address these challenges and maximize the value of data for security purposes, organizations need to implement a comprehensive data management strategy that covers the entire data pipeline. Effective data management practices not only enhance security insights and operational efficiency but also ensure compliance, better data governance, and improved decision-making.

How do you manage your security data today? Are you able to onboard all the data into your tools that you need? Do you wish you could filter out the noise and only send relevant security data to your SIEM? It’s all easily possible and we will show you how.

During this session you will learn:

  • How to optimize your SIEM and logging platforms for better data management, performance, and subsequent cost reduction
  • How to route, enrich, redact, and transform your security data from any source to any destination in whatever format suits your needs
  • How to better utilize your long-term data retention infrastructure
  • How to take control of your data and eliminate vendor tool lock-in

George is the Solutions Engineering Manager for Cribl in the MENA Markets. He has extensive experience in the Cybersecurity, Observability and Data space. George has been working with leading organizations in the Middle East to solve Security and Data problems. He served in Immersive Labs as head of Alliances and in Splunk as head of the Sales Engineering team for many years.