Gernot Hacker

Senior Solution Architect


topic name & Synopsis

How Appgate SDP maximizes SSE capabilities through foundational integrations with Crowdstrike, ServiceNow & Menlo

Learn how Appgate SDP, the industry’s most comprehensive universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, when integrated with CrowdStrike, ServiceNow, or Menlo offers organizations a powerful combination of security capabilities that enhances threat detection, streamlines incident response, and strengthens the overall security posture, providing a more robust and user-friendly security environment.


For more than six years, Gernot Hacker has played a pivotal role at Appgate, leveraging his vast experience in supporting MDM and OSX/Windows client management solutions within the IT Security industry. His journey commenced over two decades ago, starting as an Exchange and Antivirus administrator at Pro7 TV station after his tenure with the German Airforce. Later, he made his mark in the UK by excelling in running the support and sales engineering operation of an AV company. With an impressive background, Gernot remains a driving force behind Appgate’s ongoing success.