Ibrahim Alsulobi

Manager of Cyber & Information Security Dept.

Riyad Bank

topic name & Synopsis

Holistic Approach Of Cybersecurity Implementation

In this Panel Discussion, the panelists share key insights and takeaways from the observed changes in the cybersecurity trend and threats landscapes in the region. Such changes were mainly driven by the digital transformation being witnessed today, and the drastic evolvement of strategies around technology adoption (e.g. multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, Internet-of-Everything), where the lines around “organization’s perimeter” started to fade. Drawing from their vast experience across industries, the Panelists share key insights on the transformations we need to apply within the cybersecurity practices, especially on security infrastructure, security monitoring, incident management, and third party management, to ensure we don’t only keep pace with the latest advancements but also to be one step ahead. This segment aims to provide effective and practical approaches on how to cultivate cyber resilience, not only within the organizations, but across sectors and the ecosystem. The Panel will inspire stakeholders to craft strategies that foster a balanced yet proactive integration of cybersecurity within the business practices.


Mr. Ibrahim A Al-Sulobi, Head of Cyber & Information Security Dept.  at Riyad Bank. Responsible for Managing Cyber security programs and advising the senior management on Cybersecurity policy, Cybersecurity programs, Cyber Fraud and Cyber force development in Riyad Bank. Having an immense knowledge in the fields of Security Events Monitoring, Incident Response, Penetration testing, Threat Intelligence, Regulatory Compliance, Cyber Security Training & Awareness, Vulnerability Management, DevSecOps and Cyber Fraud.