Irshad Rashid

Senior Presales Engineer – SIRP


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How to use AI-Powered Security Orchestration for Supercharged Security Operations

Join us for an exclusive showcase of SIRP, where AI-powered security orchestration becomes the driving force behind fortified defenses. In this workshop, we’re thrilled to demonstrate how SIRP can supercharge your security operations, allowing your team to effortlessly handle a higher volume of alerts with unrivaled speed and accuracy. Experience how manual processes evolve into lightning-fast automated workflows, resulting in accelerated investigations and precise response strategies. Discover the seamless integration of SIRP’s AI and human expertise, creating a dynamic and robust cybersecurity ecosystem.


Irshad Rashid is a Senior information security consultant who has been an integral part of global SOC at SIRP, leading the various Cyber Security and IT Audits in the Saudi Arabia Region, which includes SAMA CSF and SAMA IT Governance framework. He holds numerous certifications in the cybersecurity field including CISM. He has performed a complete cyber security assessment of the biggest telco in Saudi Arabia and has led a detailed SOC assessment of the most prominent financial institution in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Irshad has also carried out multiple APT threat hunting including Hidden Cobra, Lazarus, Fin Group, and Sidewinder. He has created over 100+ use cases and implementations based on the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework. He ranks as a Pro Hack at Hack the Box platform for cybersecurity.