James Seaton

Enterprise Sales -MEA

Netwrix Corporation

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SCM and File Integrity Monitoring

Whether you use your Windows as your server OS for your AD, DC, SQL or file server or as the go-to operating system for your end-users; each application requires a properly hardened state and continuous control of changes to the setup.

Any unexpected change to a system file can indicate a security breach, a malware infection or other malicious activity that puts your business at risk. File integrity monitoring (FIM) is so critical for data security that most common compliance regulations and security frameworks, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and NIST, recommend implementing it whenever possible. Even more, FIM should always be paired with system hardening, the establishment of a stable base of known good configurations.

So attend our speaking slot to discover how to:

  • Use hardening benchmarks to start with a best-practice approach for you IT estate
  • Tune the achieved to a baseline that fits your needs and risks
  • Monitor critical file activity that might indicate an ongoing attack
  • Ensure configuration stability while avoiding drift and event noise

James Seaton has been the IT Security Consultant and Enterprise Sales Executive at New Net Technologies (acquired by Netwrix) since January 2018 and has approaching 16 years’ experience in the IT industry covering solution sales and business development. As Enterprise Sales Executive at Netwrix, James focuses on advancing cyber resilience as a sophisticated, new approach to tackle cyber-attacks faced by governments and organizations of all sizes for the handling of change and vulnerability as the two main issues to address in information security. James is driving IT Security projects for Netwrix customers delivering cyber security and compliance solutions around System Integrity, File Integrity Monitoring, SCM and System Hardening. The objective is to protect our customers’ sensitive data against security threats in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, while maintaining market-leading ease of use.