Karim Hijazi

Founder & CEO | Managing Director & General Partner of SCP & CO


topic name & Synopsis

Challenges and Opportunities for Trust and Authenticity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In this keynote talk, Karim Hijazi, delves into the intricate interplay between AI and the fundamental pillars of trust and authenticity in the context of cybersecurity, safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring reliable intelligence, and fortifying digital infrastructures. Drawing from interdisciplinary research and real-world case studies, Hijazi critically examines the challenges AI presently poses and what it represents for our future. Factors such as algorithmic biases, adversarial attacks, and data privacy breaches have come under scrutiny, necessitating a comprehensive framework for AI governance. While AI can enhance data analysis and streamline processes, it can also be exploited to sow disinformation, create and propagate sophisticated malware, deceive the most discerning and tenured minds, and even “disobey” human directives. Conversely, the utilization of AI-powered techniques offers novel avenues for enhancing authenticity verification in an era rife with synthetic media and deep fakes. By analyzing the tension between AI’s inherent limitations and its innovative potential, this talk empowers stakeholders to craft strategies that foster a balanced and responsible integration of AI in cybersecurity and intelligence practices.


For nearly three decades, Karim has been a leading figure in the field of attacker counterintelligence and malicious actor infiltration research. His expertise in developing innovative methods for security teams to clandestinely monitor nation-state level threats and anticipate attacks before they occur has earned him global recognition across the private sector and government.

Before founding Vigilocity, Karim was the Founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of Prevailion, a company responsible for creating the world’s first continuous compromise monitoring and security validation platform for supply-chain ecosystems. This technology not only revolutionized attacker surveillance but also introduced a revolutionary actuarial matrix for cyber insurance and sophisticated training data sets for machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

Prior to Prevailion, Karim established Unveillance, a pioneer in advanced threat actor attribution and the first cloud-based data leak intelligence platform. In 2012, Karim successfully exited Unveillance through acquisition by Mandiant, where he was then appointed as the company’s new director of intelligence. During his tenure at Mandiant, Karim played a pivotal role in the well-known APT1 report released in 2013, which conclusively linked the People’s Liberation Army of China to widespread cyber espionage activity against US interests. Mandiant was later acquired by FireEye.

Karim’s engagement in a well-documented battle with the Anonymous offshoot “LulzSec” during the hacktivist heydays of the early 2010s was featured in Parmy Olson’s book, “We Are Anonymous,” as well as national media such as CNN and CNET. During the Arab Spring, Karim served as a key contributor, along with Palantir, to the Cyber Security Forum Initiative’s “Project Cyber Dawn Libya,” which provided the first in-depth look at Libyan cyber warfare capabilities and defenses.

Karim is a highly sought-after public speaker and thought leader, having served as a renowned cybersecurity and intelligence subject matter expert and key industry source for many prominent news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, CyberScoop, AXIOS, and Ars Technica, among others. He has also been a highly sought-after keynote speaker for both public conferences and private events.

Before dedicating himself to defense and intelligence product development, Karim served as Founder and CEO at Demiurge Consulting, a counterintelligence and countermeasure consultancy with clients and collaborations that included Coca-Cola, TSYS, Baker Botts LLP, McKesson, MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford Universities.

Karim is a devoted husband and father of three children who divides his time between his ranch in Maui, Hawaii and his home in Houston, Texas.