Maen Ftouni

Sales Account Manager


topic name & Synopsis

Zero Trust Architecture – A step-by-step Introduction

In this talk, Maen Ftouni from Utimaco welcomes you to step inside the realm of Zero Trust Architecture: He will guide you through the essential components, benefits, and do’s and don’ts of Zero Trust implementation. Gain valuable insights into identity management and the importance of cryptography in Zero Trust environments. Attend this presentation to get a brief introduction to Zero Trust and learn about the components of a Zero Trust Architecture. For more information on products and solutions that can help you build your Zero Trust Architecture, visit Utimaco at the Cyberknight booth.


Maen Ftouni serves as the Sales Director for Middle East & Africa at Utimaco, a position held since April 2021. Over the past 2,5 years , Maen has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s growth and influence in the region.
Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Maen has been at the forefront of driving innovative solutions to address the evolving challenges of the cybersecurity landscape.
Prior to joining Utimaco, Maen has held several senior positions in the cybersecurity industry.