Mohammad Alomari

Cybersecurity and Privacy Management Director

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Shaping The Future Of Cybersecurity: Thought Leadership Insights

In this panel discussion, titled “Shaping the Future of Cyber Security: Thought Leadership Insights,” industry experts and thought leaders come together to discuss the evolving landscape of cyber security and its impact on businesses and individuals. The 40-minute session aims to provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by organizations in protecting their digital assets, as well as exploring innovative strategies to mitigate cyber threats.


The panelists delve into various aspects of cyber security, starting with an analysis of current trends and emerging threats. They emphasize the importance of staying ahead of cyber criminals by adopting proactive measures such as threat intelligence and continuous monitoring. The discussion also highlights the challenges that come with new technologies and how to overcome them. The session concludes with a call to action for organizations to prioritize cyber security investments and foster a culture of awareness among employees.


Overall, “Shaping the Future of Cyber Security: Thought Leadership Insights” provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by organizations in today’s digital landscape. By bringing together industry experts, this panel discussion offers valuable insights into emerging trends, innovative strategies, and collaborative approaches that can shape a secure future for businesses and individuals alike.


Mr. Alomari is an accomplished cybersecurity leader with over 11 years of unwavering dedication to the industry, showcasing an exceptional mastery of cybersecurity GRC and strategic dimensions. Possessing a rich background across diverse sectors such as FMCG, Defense & Space, and ICT, he has consistently spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that have redefined security paradigms.

His professional journey is defined by a track record of orchestrating and guiding multifaceted projects and teams, resulting in the dynamic enhancement of organizational value. With a holistic perspective on cybersecurity, he is weaving together the intricate threads of governance, risk management, and compliance to forge resilient strategies.

Beyond experience, Mr. Alomari qualifications underscore his commitment to excellence. Holding an Executive MBA, CISSP, and CISM, he fortified his technical expertise with strategic insight, navigating the evolving digital security landscape with a range of practices, methods, tools and techniques that help organizations actively explore, shape and manage the future.

As a forward-looking leader, Mr. Alomari is driven by an unyielding passion for fortifying digital realms and propelling enterprises to new heights of security maturity.