Ozair Rashid Ahmed Nadeem

Lead Solutions Engineer


topic name & Synopsis

The Age of AI-Powered Detection in Cybersecurity

Conventional cybersecurity measures are struggling to adapt to the evolving threat landscape due to their rigid and rule-based nature. Artificial Intelligence introduces a paradigm shift by leveraging advanced technologies such as machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. These tools empower SentinelOne to identify anomalies, malicious activities, and unauthorized access across vast digital ecosystems. AI-powered detection offers real-time threat analysis, quicker response times, and adaptability to new attack vectors. This presentation sheds light on the potential of AI in reshaping the future of cybersecurity.


Ozair Rashid is a seasoned cybersecurity specialist. With wide-ranging skills across different domains of cybersecurity such as Networks, Endpoints, Cloud and Ethical hacking, he’s been engaged at multiple levels to help protect organizations against both internal and external threats. 13+ years of experience in fighting cyber threat actors and responding to complex incidents. He holds a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity and various highly regarded professional certifications. He’s certified information systems security professional, a cloud practitioner, and an incident responder. Currently works as Lead Solutions Engineer in SentinelOne and previously worked for Arbor Networks, FireEye, Crowdstrike, and vArmour as a Consulting Engineer.