Renze Jongman

Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisor, EMEA South

Mandiant | Google Cloud

topic name & Synopsis

The Future of Cyber Threat Intelligence: AI-Driven or Human-Led?

The future of cyber threat intelligence is a hotly debated topic. Some experts believe that AI will eventually replace human analysts, while others believe that humans will always play a vital role in the process.

This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of AI-driven and human-led threat intelligence. We will also explore the potential for a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of both AI and human analysts.

We will discuss how Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud, uses AI for cyber threat intelligence. We will talk about the benefits of using AI, the challenges we have faced, and the future opportunities we see.


Renze Jongman is a Threat Intelligence Specialist at Mandiant, now part of  Google Cloud.

He brings decades of experience in the government and financial sector to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, where he guides organizations through the process of developing a Cyber Threat Intelligence Program.

Renze started his career in Law Enforcement: his work at the High Tech Crime Unit of the National Police of the Netherlands lead to the arrest and conviction of dozens of cybercriminals and online child abusers. After taking the fight against cybercrime to the international stage at Europol, he then transitioned to the Financial Sector in London, where he managed a team of Strategic Threat Intelligence Experts at one of the largest Global Financial Institutions in the world.

Since his relocation to the Middle East in 2018, he focuses on supporting Google Cloud customers in transforming their Security Program to be truly intelligence-led. The Cybersecurity field in the Middle East faces its unique set of challenges, and empowering organizations to navigate the threat landscape successfully is a challenge he enjoys every single day.