Scott Jarkoff

Director, Intelligence Strategy, APJ & META


topic name & Synopsis

Evolving Modern Tradecraft: How ChatGPT and AI are Being Leveraged in Nation State and eCrime Cyber Attacks

Session discusses advanced nation state and eCrime adversaries are investing time and resources into developing tooling, and tradecraft leveraging ChatGPT and analogous AI engines. ChatGPT is boosting adversaries ability to rapidly develop tooling, but also refining techniques and playbooks. AI bolsters attack efficacy, targeting selection, writing phishing email, and developing initial access methods into victim networks. The speaker will demonstrate and discuss attacks where AI has played a vital role in the attack sequence, and how this strategy will only increase as AI tooling evolves while we move into a more AI-driven future.

Scott Jarkoff is the Director, Intelligence Strategy, APJ & META, at CrowdStrike, where he directs the Asia-Pacific & Japan, and Middle East threat intelligence business. Scott serves on a global team entrusted with empowering sales of CrowdStrike’s world renown, best-of-breed, government-grade threat intelligence. He advises and guides customers on operationalizing and integrating threat intelligence within a holistic intelligence-led security strategy. Scott demonstrates the dominance an actionable threat intelligence-led security strategy yields in today’s highly contested threat landscape.

Scott is based in Tokyo where he masterminds all facets of the threat intelligence business, directing the intelligence portfolio across the APJ & META regions. He has over twenty-five years cyber security and intelligence experience, working for the US Department of Defense, and the private sector.

Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Scott worked at McAfee in Tokyo, Japan as a Senior Security Advisor focusing on evangelizing US DoD-centric cyber security solutions, with a strong emphasis on the Japanese government and critical infrastructure sectors. He also directed and led the introduction of McAfee threat intelligence services in the Japanese market.

Before joining McAfee, Scott worked for the US government for just under twenty-five years, the most recent as the Chief of Cyber Security at United States Forces Japan. At USFJ he was responsible for overseeing DoD cyber security strategy and cyber situational awareness for the U.S. military components in Japan. Scott leveraged DoD intelligence capabilities to develop U.S. and Japan cross-government cyber security strategy, managing the USFJ cyber security program, and commanding the USFJ security incident response team.