James Sherlow

Systems Engineering Director

Cequence Security

topic name & Synopsis

Trends of Successful API Attacks: Assessing your API Attack Surface

APIs are becoming the #1 Application Attack Vector of choice for bad actors. Cequence protects 8B API transactions per day, and will share insights into the trends of API Attacks, and provide a hands on session on how to assess your API Attack Surface.


James Sherlow has extensive application security engineering experience gained in both the private and public sectors. Through many years of practical engineering experience and research, he has become an acknowledged expert in cyber security, threat intelligence, secure
application delivery of content and the heightened risks & threats associated with them.

Prior to Cequence Security, James was a leading cyber security specialist at Palo Alto Networks, a role he moved to after leading and building up their Security Systems Engineering team in Western Europe. Before joining Palo Alto Networks, he led the Systems Engineering Team at ConSentry, a market-leading start-up focusing on application visibility, control, and security in wired and wireless Local Area Networks. Previously, he helped pioneer the Next Generation of cloud-native application delivery at Avi Networks, which VMware acquired. James brings his considerable
experience in fast-moving cyber security environments to Cequence
Security, augmenting its technical presence and adding further capability to
deliver API Security Strategies and services to its customers and channel