Luke McNamara

Deputy Chief Analyst, Mandiant Intelligence

Google Cloud Security

topic name & Synopsis

How the Cyber Threat Landscape is Becoming More Complex Than Ever Before

Increasingly, the threat landscape is shaped by a diversity of threat actors carrying out a range of operations for different ends. While to some extent the proliferation of threat actors and evolution of techniques is not new, the evolution in tactics–and in particular the increased focus of evasion of detection–has made the cyber domain a more complex landscape for defenders. This talk will focus on the specific tactics, techniques, and procedures throat actors from a variety of motivations are using today to carry out intrusions, and what that means for incident response, from the individual organization to national level.


Luke McNamara serves as the Deputy Chief Analyst for Mandiant Intelligence, part of Google Cloud. With over a decade of experience in cyber threat intelligence focusing on emerging threats and trends, his research has appeared in various media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, The Hill, The Nikkei, and elsewhere. Luke has presented at security conferences such as RSAC and Black Hat and hosts Mandiant’s Defenders Advantage podcast. In previous roles at FireEye and iSIGHT Partners, Luke led and contributed to various cyber threat intelligence efforts, with a focus on strategic and cyber espionage analysis. Prior to working in cybersecurity, he supported intelligence programs in the defense sector. Luke McNamara holds a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and an undergraduate degree from Patrick Henry College.