Michael Adjei

Director, Systems Engineering, EMEA


topic name & Synopsis

Good AI Gone Bad - A Zero Trust Story

Join us for technical deep dive into the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) Platform for breach containment. The Illumio ZTS Platform provides a consistent approach to micro-segmentation across the entire hybrid attack surface – from multi-cloud to datacenter to remote endpoints, from IT to OT. In this session you’ll learn how Illumio ZTS:

  • Helps organisations quickly and easily build the right fundamentals of proactive security to achieve reduced attack surface
  • Improves application and data protection
  • Enhances visibility across assets
  • Reduces risk of malware proactively, provides faster breach detection, continuous security compliance, and streamlines mergers and acquisitions.

Michael Adjei has over 20 years’ experience in network and cybersecurity across various roles. Currently he is Director of Systems Engineering at Illumio, where he is responsible for overseeing the EMEA systems engineering team and delivering technical product oversight.   Michael is an accomplished public speaker, regularly speaking at conferences and webinars. He holds a MSc in Network Systems Engineering and a BSc in physics in addition to several industry certifications.