Muslim Medzhlumov

Chief Product and Technology Officer


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Cyber training: the key to building strong cybersecurity

Amid international turbulence, cyberattacks are on the rise. As cybercrime impact is expected to reach $15 trillion this year, the ability of companies and governments across the globe to resist digital threats is ever more important. Technical means of defense are essential, though not enough. The human factor remains one of the weakest spots in company security. Organizations need to enhance the skills of their cybersecurity specialists, expand the practical knowledge of technical experts, raise cyber awareness among employees. In this regard, cybersecurity training can help to increase resilience to cyberattacks.
Cyber Polygon, an international cybersecurity training, will take place during MENA ISC. Corporate teams from all over the world will participate in the event and test their skills in repelling cyberattacks.
What is the training about? What practical value does it have? Join the session to learn more and follow us:


Muslim manages the product portfolio at BI.ZONE.
Under Muslim’s direction, the company develops such areas of expertise as threat intelligence, security operations, network and infrastructure security, endpoint security, security assessment and testing, antifraud, application security, cloud security, education and awareness, security consulting and analytics. Throughout his administration, BI.ZONE has developed and launched dozens of proprietary products and services.
Muslim has extensive experience with launching managed security services (MSS) products. In 2018, he pioneered the MSS division at BI.ZONE. Prior to that, he formed successful MSS practices at Rostelecom and RTComm.RU.