Oleg Skulkin

Head of BI.ZONE Threat Intelligence


topic name & Synopsis

The how: key trends in targeted attacks in the region

Any industry suffers complex targeted cyberattacks nowadays, and, unfortunately, the GCC region is not an exception. BI.ZONE experts analyzed multiple attack kill chains observed in the region and extracted key trends of targeted attacks at various stages of their lifecycle. The speaker will share the main takeaways from the BI.ZONE research—Threat Zone 2024.


At BI.ZONE, Oleg is responsible for researching the current threat landscape, including the latest attacks across industries, threat actors, their methods and tools. This data helps organizations to stay ahead of adversaries: ensure the effectiveness of security solutions, accelerate incident response, and remain resilient to even the most critical threats.
He has worked in the fields of digital forensics, incident response, cyber threat intelligence and research for over a decade. He is the author and coauthor of multiple threat research reports and books on DFIR, including the award‑winning Practical Mobile Forensics and Incident Response Techniques for Ransomware Attacks (Packt Publishing, 2022).
Oleg is a frequent speaker guest at various industry events. His speaking engagements include SANS DFIR Summit, CactusCon, PHDays, CyberCrimeCon, OFFZONE, and others. Oleg holds GCFA and GCTI certifications.