Osama Al-Shatnawi

Principal Systems Engineer

Akamai Technologies


Osama Al-Shatnawi is a seasoned cybersecurity expert with over 18 years of experience in the field. His reputation as a trusted name stems from his ability to help partners and customers overcome complex security challenges.
Throughout his career, Osama has been deeply involved with startup technologies, playing a pivotal role in building, and enabling the market to adopt cutting-edge technologies. His passion lies in securing digital infrastructures, and he focuses on innovative areas such as Micro-Segmentation, Zero Trust, and Deception Technologies.
Osama has provided technical leadership in multiple companies, enabling the market to receive disruptive technologies that changed the cyber security landscape.
As a strategic advisor, Osama has guided organizations in adopting security best practices. His insights into emerging threats and risk mitigation strategies have been invaluable for partners and customers alike.
By combining technical acumen with a commitment to safeguarding sensitive assets, Osama directly impacts organizations’ security posture. His contributions ensure a safer digital landscape for businesses and individuals.