Shaker Saleh Mustafa Hashlan

Senior Solutions Architect


topic name & Synopsis

Zero Trust in OT Relim

Discover how the Zero Trust framework can enhance security in OT environments. As IT and OT converge, traditional measures fall short against advanced threats:

Zero Trust principles for OT
Unique OT security challenges
Implementing a Zero Trust architecture
Real-world case studies


Shaker Hashlan is a KFUPM graduate, focusing on systems security architecture and design.
with over 17 years of experience in OT & ICS cybersecurity. Shaker is an advocate for maintaining the security and integrity of our digital infrastructure, especially in critical infrastructure sectors such as oil & gas, energy, water, manufacturing, and transportation.

Currently a senior solutions architect with Xage Security Inc. deploying Zero Trust in the OT & ICS. Shaker is always interested in discussing the latest trends and challenges in ICS cybersecurity and has written several papers and articles for various publications.