Yasser Ameen

Senior Pre-sales Consultant


topic name & Synopsis

Detecting and Disrupting Threat Actors with CrowdStrike Falcon Counter Adversary Operations

The Counter Adversary Operations labs allow you to learn how to use threat intelligence to accelerate response by making better, faster security decisions. You’ll start by detecting a threat and identifying the adversary behind the attack. Then, dig deeper by exploring the detonation of the payload in the integrated CrowdStrike Sandbox. Next, you will examine the tradecraft of the adversary behind the attack and implement measures to prevent future attacks. After identifying the adversary, expand your investigation by reviewing detailed reports to proactively deploy countermeasures and secure your environment. Then, explore the dark web to see if sensitive data from your organization has been compromised. Finally, create new notification rules to alert you when malicious activity surrounding your organization is detected on the dark web.


Yasser Ameen is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 16 years of experience in the field. Holding a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity from Munster Technological University in Ireland, he possesses a strong academic foundation complemented by extensive technical skills. Throughout his career, Yasser has distinguished himself as a Security Evangelist and a sought-after speaker at security conferences, where he shares invaluable insights into the latest threat trends and developments. Currently serving as a Senior Presales Consultant at Crowdstrike, Yasser operates within the enterprise sales team, focusing on the META region.

Prior to joining Crowdstrike, Yasser held key positions at renowned cybersecurity firms such as Kaspersky, where he served as a Presales Manager, leading technical engagements and security discussions. Before his tenure at Kaspersky, he was part of the teams at RSA and Dell Technologies for over six years, further solidifying his expertise in the cybersecurity domain.