Company overview

Cyber Polygon is a global online training event aimed at increasing cyber resilience worldwide.

Initiated by BI.ZONE in 2019, Cyber Polygon is the largest international cybersecurity training for corporate teams. During the training event, organizations get to test their level of resilience to cyberattacks and exchange best practices with the global community.

In 2021, Cyber Polygon combined an online conference with top executives from global organizations and a cybersecurity training for corporate teams to develop their practical skills. That year more than 7 million people from 78 countries tuned in to watch the Cyber Polygon online conference, and 200 organizations from 48 countries took part in the technical training.

In 2022, BI.ZONE launched a Cyber Polygon platform for individual trainings with free tasks available to cybersecurity practitioners at any time.

This year, Cyber Polygon is a partner of MENA ISC and will take place together with the conference on September, 10-11.