2020 theme

Evolving from Cyber

to Resilience

in an age of Smart Cities, Digital Economies & IOT

Historically, Information Security and now Cyber Security faced significant resistance from decision makers.  This slowly changed as the regulatory landscape, growing number and cost of cybercrime reached billions and executive security awareness increased. 

Additionally, Cybersecurity strategies were focused on resistance to cyber-attacks leading to the deployment of controls in an attempt to shield the organization., As regulatory and cyber security frameworks matured  organizations with mature practices started implementing Zero Trust Architectures a realization that the inevitable is more likely to occur than be prevented changed from resistance to becoming more resilient.

Cyber Resilience is an organization’s preparation for business disruption caused by such attacks, its ability to recover from disruptions, and its systemic capability to adapt and grow from each attack.  This requires organizations to understand their internal operating environments and digital ecosystems.

THE Six Critical Factors to

Cyber Resilience

Security Initiative & Problem Solving ​

Pace of Decision Making

Diversity of Cyber Capacity

Organizational Readiness & Business Problem Solving

Technical Agility & Adaption

Situational Awareness


Best & Brightest

As in previous years, the event will attract the best and brightest in the information security field, creating opportunities for conference attendees to learn about Cyber Security’s most important issues through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries and emerging/established companies.


Industry Experts

The conference will showcase industry experts along with leading vendors sharing their views and solutions to meet these and other challenges for the future of Cyber Security. As with previous events, this event is an invite only event where the organizers, speakers and sponsors have nominated the target audience they believe can benefit and contribute to the success of the event.


and informative

As the cyber security landscape continues to grow in complexity and sophistication, MENA ISC will play and integral role in keeping security professionals across MENA connected and educated. Compliance, Regulation, Governance, Cloud Security and much more have challenged CIO, CISO’s and other IT decision makers. The topics at this event will both be relevant and informative with the VirtuPort organizers working with Sponsors to ensure sessions are about real world case studies.