Dr. Anton Grashion

Senior Director of Product and Marketing

Blackberry Cylance


Dr. Anton Grashion, currently Senior Director of Product and Marketing at Cylance is an experienced cyber security professional.

Prior to security based product and strategy roles at Intel Security, Juniper Networks and Netscreen he cofounded eRefinery, one of the UK’s first SaaS email security companies subsequently acquired by Content Technologies.

Anton holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of Leeds, an MSc in Computing Science from Staffordshire Polytechnic and a PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence from Staffordshire University.
Speech Topic & Synopses
AI as a Force Multiplier

We will explore how the increasingly unprecedented nature of the cybersecurity landscape need an equally unprecedented approach in defence.

We will explore how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help deal with the unkowns inherent in the field of anti-malware, reducing elements of the risk equation and delivering a net benefit to the business.