George Daglas

CO-Founder & COO

Obrela Security Industries


He has over 15 years of professional experience in the domains of Security Operations Management and Security Governance and has been leading a multitude of large scale multidisciplinary Information Security projects in Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, working with Multinational and Domestic organizations in the Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, Consumer sectors.

His professional experience includes serving as Special Projects Advisor, Sales Manager and Principle Secure Telecommunications Engineer for Military and Commercial Organizations, as well as Principal Advisor in the public and private sector.

George, having a strong experience in marketing, business development and information technology as well as solid knowledge of European and Middle East market, is continuously pursuing new challenges in developing new business models, identifying innovative business products and service offerings.

Academically he holds a BSc in Business Administration and an MBA in IT and Telecommunications Management.
Speech Topic & Synopses
Building Cyber Perceptibility

As enterprise IT evolves, the complexity of the cybersecurity processes and the technology sprawl create an operating environment of which it is very hard to gain complete overview in real-time. In order to get over this challenging environment, we need to combine various aspects of cybersecurity, eliminating fragmentation and allowing for pain-free collaboration.

Furthermore, outmost orchestration isn’t feasible without the ability to control, rationalise and streamline business processes, that are usually left out of the decision-making equation.

How can we respond effectively to cybersecurity challenges from a business-aware standpoint? Adopting new security models that integrate both risk and operations is our only weapon towards utmost cyber perceptibility.