Scott Manson

Managing Director - Middle East & Turkey



Scott leads the McAfee business across the Middle East and Turkey as the Managing Director, leveraging more than 9 years of experience in the region.

His technology and solution orientated customer experience spans the last 20 years working across the European, Middle East, African and Russian markets. Scott has a good portion of cloud experience having worked in Software-as-a-Service startups around the era of the ‘dotcom bubble’, and has worked in leading-edge technology companies, including those with software and services offerings that are located; on premise, in the cloud (off premise) or spread across a mixed hybrid environment. His passion is to link the customer’s Positive business outcomes, with the required capabilities of these leading edge solutions.
Speech Topic & Synopses
Cloudy with a chance of Digitization…

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has shown a clear intent to diversify its economy toward a knowledge-based economy, and to balance this with the brilliance of its oil sector. The goal is to develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation and tourism along the way to 2030. At the heart of this initiative is of course technology as the facilitator to achieve the goals of 2030, in a quicker and more efficiently manner, using the principles of digital transformation and embracing digital infrastructure.

As with all strong economies embracing the change of digitization and cloud, the Kingdom will no doubt be subject to increased threats as the attack surface opens up, and the economy becomes increasingly digitalized.

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) has been established as the body responsible for matters pertaining to cybersecurity in KSA. Although individual entities remain responsible for their own cybersecurity (as confirmed with regards to government entities in Royal Order number 57231 dated 10/11/1439 H), government entities (and their affiliates) and private companies providing critical national infrastructure (as described below) are now also required to comply with the NCA’s essential cybersecurity controls (the Controls).

Join the McAfee presentation on the main stage to unpick how you can move more efficiently to harness Cloud technologies and services, in your journey to deliver on the premise and intent of Vision 2030, safely and compliantly.