Ed Sleiman

Chief Information Security Officer



An accomplished senior Cybersecurity director with executive level experience in providing leadership and security programs across a wide range of areas.


Highlighted achievements include:

  • Active speaker at security and risk management conferences in the region including the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, the RSA Conference, and the CISO Summit.
  • The inventor of a risk based approach to awareness and training where I developed a comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness program, coined The Human Firewall Program™.

A visionary leader with sound knowledge of business management and a working knowledge of cybersecurity technologies. I am responsible for implementing and running the enterprise information security program.

I understand and articulate the impact of cybersecurity on (digital) business, and communicate this to senior stakeholders. I understand that securing information assets and associated technology, applications, systems and processes in the wider ecosystem in which the organization operates is as important as protecting information within the organization’s perimeter. A key element of my role is working with executive management to determine acceptable levels of risk for the organization.

I am a thought leader, a builder of consensus and of bridges between business and technology. I am an integrator of people, process and technology. While I am the leader of the information security program, I also coordinate disparate drivers, constraints and personalities, while maintaining objectivity and a strong understanding that cybersecurity is foundational for the organization to deliver on its business goals and objectives. Ultimately, I am a business leader, and have a track record of competency in the field of information security and risk management, with 10 years of relevant experience, including five years in a significant leadership role.  In summary, I am responsible for establishing governance and building knowledge, leading the information security organization, setting the cybersecurity strategy, developing the cybersecurity and risk management frameworks, and building the network and communicating the vision.

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