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Cyber Sabers is a rethink of the traditional Capture the Flag (CTF) recipe.  Instead of generic scenarios, Cyber Sabers utilizes custom scenarios of real world IT infrastructure, software & operating systems.  Developed by a highly specialized team of IT and Security Engineers it encompasses up to date, active, real world vulnerabilities within up to date systems running the latest patches.

The Hackathon is centered around a state of the art smart city with real world landmarks, industry, defense installations, logistic centers and telecommunications. Complimented with real time scoring, the smart city is interactive where you can see real time representation when a system is breached.

The Goal of the Cyber Sabers Hackathon is seeding white hat cyber security culture in the youth throughout the Middle East by engaging in a fun & challenging competitive team-based event.  Developing human capital by honing their skills and serving as a development & recruitment bed for the next generation of cyber warriors.

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