Yassin Watlal

System Engineering Manager META
Workshop Topic:
No NotPetya, No BadRabbit, and no WannaCry: Did anything happen in cyber last year?!
In this session, Yassin Watlal will be discussing: The alarming trends CrowdStrike has observed in the global threat landscape, & the evolving best practices proving most successful against criminal, hacktivist & nation-state adversaries. The latest threat intel discovered in 2018 & predictions for 2019 and how you can use this to shape your security strategy. Lessons learnt in the course of conducting in-depth digital forensics, IR and remediation with real-world strategic insight into the current threat landscape.
Yassin is an influential and highly motivated cybersecurity leader, with 15 years of professional experience in cybersecurity. During this time he has served as a Consulting System engineer and System Engineering Manager for various security organizations including FireEye, McAfee, Websense and Attivo Networks. His areas of expertise cover endpoint security, network security, information security policy, incident response & malware analysis. In his role as System Engineering Manager, Yassin works as a trusted advisor for organizations in META region, assisting them to lower and manage cyber risk